As much as Skye is becoming more like May this season, we can’t forget that she’s also becoming more like Ward. She may not want to sympathize with him or understand his point of view, but subconsciously, without even meaning to, she makes the same sort of choices that he has made and reacts in the way that he does. 

Ward followed Garrett to escape his painful past, and was transformed from a victim to a lethal soldier. Skye follows Coulson because she truly believes in his cause, and in the process of doing so, she sheds the skin of the woman she used to be, changing from a drifting hacker to a loyal agent.

They are both running from something when they meet the men who will change their lives. Ward is running from his abuse and his fear of weakness, towards a man who promises to make him strong. Skye is running from childhood neglect and the uncertainty surrounding her parents, towards a man who cares for her and promises answers.

Both Skye and Ward turn to order and structure because they believe that rigid rules will help them make sense of the chaos and turmoil in their pasts. And both Skye and Ward become physically strong and capable of defending themselves because they believe that physical strength will protect them from the emotional pain they’ve experienced before. 

Mental health issues are no joke….

So I love Grant Ward. This scene just broke my heart. Coulson doesn’t seem to give a shit that this man is hurting himself and has attempted suicide cause he hates himself so much. This guy, the director of Shield, who talked so freakin’ often about second chances, is treating this broken man like crap. I really hope it’s the alien juice that is screwing with Coulson because I don’t like this direction. Remember what Fury said? Shield’s mission is to save and protect people, if only to save one man from himself. Save Ward from himself. Don’t forget what Shield is supposed to be Coulson! Is Ward manipulating Skye here? I honestly don’t think so. The only manipulation I see here is Coulson using Ward’s feelings for Skye and his guilt for what he has done. Coulson knows Ward won’t lie to Skye anymore. So what if he hurts himself again? Coulson got his intel (sarcasm)! Grrrrr…. Love you Grant Ward!! Stay strong. We stand with you. <3